Top 5 Coolest Art Socks styles for Men – Famous Painting Socks

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What are the Top 5 Best Art Socks for Men?


Cool Art Socks have been a stylish men’s best-kept secret for some time but now men from all walks of life are catching on the fun novelty socks craze! When a man wears a pair of art socks designed with a famous painting like Van Gogh’s Starry Night, it represents the man and shows a level of personal care and sense of humor.

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The Scream Art Socks Edvard Munch $14.99 Buy Now
Mona Lisa Art Socks Leanardo da Vinci $14.99 Buy Now
David Masterpiece Statue Art Socks Michelangelo $14.99 Buy Now
The Kiss Art Socks Gustav Klimt $14.99 Buy Now
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Men’s Art Socks also shows sophistication, personality and are an easy way to start a conversation and connect with people. Socks are a bigger part of our wardrobe than one would think and are usually not given enough attention.  But if you really think about it, the right pair of socks can truly make or break your outfit. What I’m trying to say is wearing fun socks can be the easiest way to show people what kind of mood you are in. You may be thinking well my socks are always covered and nobody really pays any attention and that’s where you are wrong my friend. Just the fact that you can flash a pair of cool patterned design socks, a funky sock that way out there, or a pair of bright colorful socks when you sit down or cross your legs is what makes wearing cool novelty socks appealing.



Many famous celebrities and fashion icons have started wearing fun socks casually around town and while going out to parties. Even Dwayne Wade, basketball player, has been seen rocking a pair with his slippers. The time has come to forget about the same old solid white or black socks and spice things up by adding colorful socks to the mix. Life is all about taking risks and rules are sometimes made to be broken. Especially the fashion rule that says men’s socks must match the color of their pants! Enough of being like the rest,  be bold and make a statement. GQ magazine fashion stylist have said wonderful things about the trending fun patterned socks men are wearing.

“Socks are a very good intro for a guy who is just deciding I want to be more stylish,” says GQ style writer, Jake Woolf.

Men’s cool dress socks for any occasion

When cool novelty socks are dressed with formal wear, the socks have become sort of like ties for men. Socks and ties can add a little extra color that contrasts or cool patterns that will make you the center of attention. Wearing something like a pair of cool socks with formal wear like a suit or slacks gives the man more personality in a way causing lots of men to take notice and start the new art socks fashion trend!

Bicycle Novelty Socks For Men

Since novelty socks are in fashion and trending nowadays, everybody seems to be talking about how to wear them, when to wear them and whether they are suitable or not. Worried about not looking sharp while wearing art socks…well don’t be. You can still keep it professional and be daring at the same time. All you need to keep in mind while wearing novelty socks is to coordinate your socks with your outfit, and stay away from contrast. Elevate your outfit with cool art socks for men!

Top 5 Art Socks for Men: 

  1.  Starry Night by Van Gogh socks
  2.  The kiss painting socks
  3. Mona Lisa painting socks
  4. David Statue master piece Socks
  5.  The scream painting socks

Van Gogh Starry Night Socks – Starry Night Art Socks

Men’s Van-Gogh Starry Night Art Socks

Van Goghs Starry Night Art Socks are amazing with the beautiful swirls, the design and the colors. Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most amazing Dutch painters. Starry Night is considered his top accomplishment. What makes starry night painting so unique is that it was painted from memory. Obsessed with this masterpiece? Then go ahead and get yourself a pair of these artistic Starry Night socks designed by Van Gogh himself!

The kiss Art Socks for Men

Men’s The Kiss Art Socks – Swaggy Socks

The kiss art socks for men is a magnificently detailed painting and full of color! A square canvas portraying a couple in their most intimate moment. A creative, rare, and inspiring painting can now be found on your feet! You will definitely get noticed for wearing these colorful the kiss art socks.

Mona Lisa art socks for men

Men’s Mona Lisa Art Socks – Swaggy Socks

Mona Lisa Art Socks, the most significant and famous painting ever. What makes the painting so interesting is the smile and undetermined identity. Save yourself the money and a trip to Paris isn’t a need anymore Mona Lisa can be right on your socks. All eyes will be on you wearing these one of a kind art socks. Our Mona Lisa art socks are a must have!

David Masterpiece Statue Art Socks for Men

Men’s Davids Statue Art Socks – Swaggy Socks

David Statue Art Socks is of the 17 foot tall shepherd boy. There is nothing as iconic as Michelangelo’s David Masterpiece statue. It’s one of the most significant sculptures in art history. A mini David to perfectly fit on your socks. Now you can show your love for art by wearing these outrageous eye-catching art socks! A Sophisticated piece of art right at your feet.

The Scream art socks for men 

Men’s The Scream Art Socks – Swaggy Socks

The scream Art Socks of nature! So many feelings and tragedy behind this painting. One of the most famous expressionist artists expressed how he felt through painting. There are only four existing compositions of the scream, and now you can get the scream painting on your socks. Artistic, warm, soft, unique and stylish ankle-dress socks, How cool is that!


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